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Graphic design

Whether you need eye-catching advertisements for your products, a standout CV that showcases your skills and experience, or a draft of your , I’ve got you covered.


Just contact me to have some tips, to have a meeting, to run a workshop dedicated to set your company’s goals or to better individuate your target audience.

Brand strategy

Call me to design your logo, your new visual identity, your brand strategy, and all your creative needs.













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How do I work?

1. Set goals

In this initial phase, I focus on understanding your unique goals and target audience. Through workshops and discussions with you, I gain valuable insights into your vision and ensure the project’s feasibility.

2. Research

Thorough research is conducted to grasp the current state of the art and identify key personas within your target audience.

3. Proposals

I present you with various concept proposals, each carefully crafted to align with the project’s objectives. These options offer diverse design directions for us to explore together.

4. Developing

This is the active design development stage, where I bring the chosen concept to life. Using my creative expertise and technical skills, I create the design elements that will form the foundation of the final product.

5. Testing

The design solutions are put to the test, both with you, the client, and with your target audience. Feedback from this phase helps me refine the design to ensure it resonates with your audience effectively.

6. Adjustments

In the final stage, I make the last touches to the design based on the feedback received. I meticulously fine-tune and polish the project to perfection, ensuring it meets your expectations and objectives.


My design inspiration

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Design is a process, put simply. As a designer, I see this process, which could involve a certain type of creativity, as a bridge between necessities and responses. I believe that this process works at its best efficiency levels when collaborative. In this process, I firmly believe that being able to remove is more important then being capable to add. Last but not least, fun is above all the main drive of this process: if I, as a designer, and my clients aren’t enjoying the journey, it’s a red flag for potential project failure!

As a freelancer is important to keep track of what all expenses in each final price. Here is an example of  what a price tag pays for: workspace rent, equipment insurance, software subscriptions, taxes, transportation, communication fees, emergency fund, vacation and time off.

Yes, a deposit is required before starting your project. It ensures a mutual commitment and covers initial costs, securing your spot on my design schedule.  This approach allows me to give your project the attention it deserves from the beginning, ensuring the best possible results. Clear communication is key to our successful collaboration.

Absolutely! I’m a versatile designer with experience in various styles. Whether you want a clean and minimalistic look or a bold and vibrant design, I can adapt to your preferences. If you have brand guidelines, I’ll ensure my work aligns seamlessly. Starting from scratch? I can help you develop a brand identity that truly represents your vision. Let’s collaborate to create visually compelling designs that elevate your brand’s presence. Share your ideas, and we’ll bring them to life!