Editorial photography at Fachhochshule Kiel - May 2023

During the interdisciplinary week in May 2023 I was invited by Tobias Hochscherf to teach a four days practical photography workshop at FH Kiel. Ten fun students of various cultural background and photography knowledge signed up and the rest is history! 

Photo practical education

How do I workshop?

I start each day with a small presentation which explains some photography principles and the practical challenges to achieve for the day. The second phase evolves into concept development motivating the students to find inspiration. I provide some references which the students can literally copy from as for example this Pinterest board. They then start gathering what equipment they need to achieve the challenge and then I follow each group of students, solving their requests of assistance. After all the photo challenges are done I start with editing the photos together with the students. After editing the photos I explain the basics of InDesign and the students produce one magazine cover each with the photos they have shot previously. Last but not least they autonomously complete the front page cover layout with typography, logos and simple shapes.

Examples of how I assist students

How do I achieve this light scenario? How  do I select the right camera settings to shoot this photo? How do I use the studio light and the camera simultaneously?

What equipment do I use?

Studio lights, DSLR cameras, a studio or an empty room, SD cards, computers with Adobe CC installed. 

Students work

Here the students photos and layouts

Example of a completed portfolio

PDF Preview

Ann-Krisitin Faber
Elika Otterstein
Yobel Irnawan