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In summer 2018 I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3200 with a 18-55mm from Amazon. I had no idea this purchase would have brought me to one of the best inner journeys of my life. One week after I received this camera, I went with one of my best friends, Ale, to the local festival in my hometown called “Sherwood Festival”. We arrived there in the late afternoon and while listening to a public talk from a writer who was presenting his book there I started taking some photos of the event randomly. Then I go back sitting next to my good friend and he asks me: “Why don’t you ask to take photos at the festival?” And I answered, “Oh yes you are right!!” So he pointed me where to ask to and I just went. There I asked to speak with some photography responsible of the festival and there I met Babi for the first time, my initiator! I asked her how I could become a photographer at the festival and she told me “Stay at the festival tonight, take some photos around and show them to me before you leave.” And I answered “Sure!” So I went back to my friend, told him the challenge I received and I took some photos of the festival during the golden hour capturing some atmosphere, sit back moments. I then enjoyed the night at the festival and showed Babi my photos at which she answered: “Well, yes they are good enough, it seems that you know how to take photos”. I was crazy happy about that and she gave me appointment the next day. The next day I met the whole photographer team and they introduced me to all the information I needed to become an active and effective part of the team. From that point on I had access to crazy shows and exciting behind the scenes of the festival and I just wanted more and more.

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Customers reviews

"Matteo has been a good help in fulfilling the goals and the objectives. Capturing and editing creative, high quality photographs"
Francesco Boz
Head photographer Sherwood
"It'd be great to have you back in the future! It was a total pleasure and positive experience having you on board last year."
Birgitte Mandelid
Marketing Director Øyafestivalen
"Great stuff!" when reviewing my photos of Gary Clark Jr.
Robin Olsen
Musikknyheter founder & editor