Editorial photography at Fachhochshule Kiel -
October 2023

During the interdisciplinary week in October 2023 I was invited by Tobias Hochscherf to teach a four days practical photography workshop at FH Kiel. Twelve fun students of various cultural background and photography knowledge showed up and started experimenting! 

Photo practical education

How do I workshop?

I start each day with brief theoretical and practical explanations, followed by the presentation of the practical challenges for the day. The students then enter into the so called concept development phase in which everyone research existing inspiring photography work. I provide some references which the students can literally copy from as for example this Pinterest board. After collecting inspiration they try to emulate existing photos or even create a new photo from scratch. At that point I jump from group to group following each person individually. Each day ends with group feedback in which I review the photos produced during the day. When the desired photos are achieved, the students start editing individually, in this phase I also follow up on each student’s progress providing feedback and practical assistance. In the meanwhile I explain the basics of InDesign, Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. The students’ group proceeds autonomously to complete the layout design of their individual portfolios with typography, logos and simple shapes. After that each student has the chance to present to the class their work.

Examples of question students learn

How do I achieve this light in the photo? How  do I select the right camera settings to shoot this photo? How do I use the studio light and the camera simultaneously?

What equipment do students learn?

Studio lights, DSLR cameras, a studio or an empty room, SD cards, computers with Adobe CC installed.

Students' work

Here the students photos and layouts

Example of a completed portfolio

PDF Preview


Angosom Abrham, Franziska Danitz, Henner Feddersen, Myat B. Aung, Nick Hanke, Torben Kleene, Justus Riesche, Erik Schreiber, Gyde Schulte, Lia Schwarze, Paul B. Wessels.